The Chagrining Situation of Iranian Fugitives in Kurdistan

“Iranian Fugitives Families Go On Hunger Strike in Erbil”

24 Feb 2011

30th September 2010

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh


It has been nearly 9 days that a group of Iranian Fugitives in Kurdistan have gone on hunger strike before U.N office. It started by one of Iranian fugitives named Mohammad Ghamari Tabasi. With his own family, he has gone on hunger strike before U.N office in Erbil for demonstrating because of being 3 and half years straggled. After the starting, some other fugitive families added in order to expressing their solidarity.

But the U.N has not answered yet. From some years before, a vast number of Iranians fugitives has been entered into Iraq, specifically in independent Kurdistan where ruled by Nochirvan Barezani. Most of them are waiting in a hard process. Now because of not paying attention and not supporting them by U.N or the local government and not knowing the 3rd country for settlement caused their demonstration. It must be mentioned that in 2004, nearly 200 fugitives had been demonstrated without any results.

Tabasi said that he will continue his hunger strike with his family until getting fair result. He tells to radio Koocheh: “We have been straggled for more than 3 and half years while the U.N has not even announced the program of shifting to another country. Moreover; because of language and cultural differences, Iranians refugees cannot find a suitable job for their lives.”

The Iranian fugitive continues: “While the local government does not do anything against or in favor of us, but we even could not do anything for buying a $2 SIM card.

It must be mentioned that, some days ago Radio Koocheh has interviewed with another Iranian fugitives in Kurdistan and pointed to their hard life situation but international organizations do not pay attention to these Iranian fugitives who are Persians, Kurds and other nations and their straggles and lives.

Some journalists assume that these inattentions from local government and U.N office are because of hidden contract between them and Islamic republic for not giving any opportunity to the regime’s opposition in Kurdistan. Some report that a number of Iranian intelligence officers are in that region. Iranian fugitives has warned about security issues, lack of job for their lives, lack of clear process in the U.N for moving into the 3rd country and the hardness of this process in Kurdistan region.

You can continue Ardavan Roozbeh’s interview with Mohammad Ghamari Tabasi, an Iranian striker before the U.N office with his family for demonstrating:

“Everyone knows the situation. That’s because of U.N inactiveness. I have started my hunger strike 8 days ago and have been here with my family (wife and son). After that some Iranian Kurds were added in. In the 8th day we are 6 families gathering here. In these days we faced some problems. The U.N office guards offended us and said swearword to us. The police came in and took us but we return again.”

Which city are you in? And what issues made you and your family to go on hunger strike? What do you mean by U.N inactiveness and not paying any attention to you?

We are in Erbil in front of an office that belonged to U.N. They are not doing anything here. Our request is to be accepted as a refugee after 4 years and moved to a country that could accept us.

How long have you been in Iraq? And what was your reason?

I have been in Iraq for 3 and half years. I came here because of my case which sued me for acting against national security, acting against the regime, connecting to anti-regime radios and TVs. My activities in Iran were in the form of reporting news and photos. One of my photos was about Khavaran area and the massacre of 1988 that I sent to satellite TVs. The last warrant for me was 5 years imprisonment so I have to escape out of the country and go to Iraq.

How was the behavior of local government of Iraq-Kurdistan with Iranian fugitives in these 3 and half years?

The local government is not doing anything for us nor making barriers. We have been struggled. We do not have any rights. Even we could not do anything for buying a $2 SIM card with our names. We have to fine and Iraqi to register the SIM card in his name, after that we could use that. At the same time, the intelligence officers are coming here in the name of businessmen, clerks, or for opening a photo gallery with their own passport and could register for anything that want and do not face any problem.

How many families are going on hunger strike with you?

That’s only me who gone on hunger strike but there are 6 other families who are striking here too.

Are they Kurds of Iran or Fars of Iran?

They are Kurds.

Your hunger strike is nonsense because some other had been striking here for 6 month but they did not get any result  So you won’t get anything either

Is the situation of Kurd fugitives and non-Kurd one equal?

We could not say it is equal. Knowing the government language is a privilege. Being a party member in problematic situations is another prominence. But they do have some problems. The parties are restricting Iraqi Kurds for not going out of borders. Every Kurds who comes here, the parties give financial aids from the U.N. Escaping of Kurds make 2 problems for the parties: the first one is financially and the second one is the reduction of their population and it is harmful for their propaganda.

The Fars have problem with the language. They do not take the advantage of the party members others from Iran call those parties and they support them and do something for them. Fars’ problems are much more than Kurds.

Didn’t the U.N do anything for you in the last 3 and half years? And you left straggled?

In the last 3 and half years that I have nominated myself in the U.N, I have seen serious problems for Iranian-Kurd families here. There were some who had been left and the spouse and children were remained here. As I saw these problems I announce my objection and that caused my file to remain here and Mr. Abdullah told me: “I won’t let you go anywhere from here!” After that we could not do anything although we done too much effort for that.

Was something happened for you in the last 8 days? Is your hunger strike supposed serious in the U.N or not?

We do not have any connection to know the mood. They came 3 or 4 times and said: “Your hunger strike is nonsense because some other had been striking here for 6 month but they did not get any result. So you won’t get anything either!” They said that in 2004 or 2002, some 200 families were striking here but did not get any outcome.

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