An Iranian fugitive ecclesiastic from Kurdistan

“Dr. Ebadi! Hear my voice from Iraq – Kurdistan”

24 Feb 2011

27th September 2010

Ardavan Roozbeh/ Radio Koocheh

These days, although world is observing Iranian fugitives and social activists trying to show barriers and the reasons which made Iranians to migrate to other countries who most of them are religious or national minorities or social activists and journalists, but they were just focused on some special areas like Turkey and some other European nations. It is important to know that some Iranians are waiting to face their real fate in the independent part of Kurdistan. Because of not experiencing the fugitive situations before, the way of connecting to Iran and lack of U.N office impressments for studding these fugitive cases, has made them to live in very hard situation and it is reported that some of them do begging for their lives.

Morteza Yaghoubi is an ecclesiastic who went to a far destination after escaping out of Iran. Mr. Yaghoubi described the Iranian Fugitives’ mood as very hard, especially those who are from Persian nations and said: “Social and human rights activists must come and see these areas and observe wretched way of fugitives’ living.” This fugitive pointed to hard lives of fugitives in Kurdistan especially Persian speakers who suffer harder because of cultural differences.

Here is Ardavan Roozbeh’s Interview with Morteza Yaghoubi, Iranian ecclesiastic and fugitive in Iraq-Kurdistan about their life situation:

Mr. Yaghoubi! You are an Iranian fugitive in Iraq-Kurdistan. What is your reason for escaping out of Iran?

When I abandon from Iran, I had too much problems with Islamic Republic Regime. I have been imprisoned for many years. I traveled to Europe and at the time of arriving to Mehrabad Airport they nabbed me and I could not prove anything and not having a lawyer and imprisoned for 3 years. After I freed they exiled me to Kashan’s villages. I suffered there for 3 month but I could not bear any more and escaped.

What were your problems with Islamic republic government? And what were the fields for the problem that they ruled that warrant for you?

Someone reported about my carriers and activities from abroad like Germany and Netherland to Islamic Republic. They said that you have relations to a group that I could not name it now and I do not want to do so. I am monarchist and not related to who they announce and they could not prove that. I know after 10 years if I finish my expultion, still they won’t give up. They could not prove that otherwise I had been executed or faced with life time imprisonment.

Explain about Iranian fugitives after you escape out of Iran and stay in Iraq- Kurdistan. How many Iranian fugitives are living there? And how is the Iranian refuge processing in Iraq-Kurdistan?

We could divide Iranian fugitives in Iraq-Kurdistan in two groups: the first one is those who are Persian speakers and came from some cities like Qom, Tehran, and Mashhad. They do not know Kurdish language. They are minorities and suffer torments. But the majorities of fugitives are Kurdish Iranians who are in various parties, like Kurdistan Democratic Party, Komala Party, Khabbat and the other ones.

The ones who got a party, they are distinct and have monthly salary and supported. We want just your moral support

The Persians who live here believes against the Islamic Republic. Also we got some mullahs that escaped from The Priest Especial Court and turned into Christianity.

Me and my family are Persians and from Tehran. The problems are just for these Persians because Kurds do not hire Persians and we do not know their language and we are bereaved from social services. The U.N considers us as ones who need to be resettled not fugitives. The U.N is like a décor and just nominate. As I understand, not a refuge has left here since 1998.

The Kurds who are dependent on parties could go to Iran because Iran-Kurdistan is at the neighborhood. They can go there via human traffickers and meet their families but we could not do that.

What will happen to you? Now how will be your refuge process in Iraq and in independent Kurdistan?

The only thing that Kurdistan government done for us was giving us a notebook that we must nominate ourselves every 3 months and allowed us to live here as gusts. They did not give us perpetual residency; ours is inhabitancy that extended for every 3 month. The Kurds who came from Iran got a federal request from local government. Due to the need to raise population and establish a unique Kurdistan from these 4 countries: Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq, they give them every utility they want.

How many Iranian fugitives are in Iraq-Kurdistan?

I am the priest of “Rahe Zendigi” church and the establisher of first Iranian church in whole Iraq. Because we help these fugitives I have some statistics. Around 3000 Iranian families are dwelling here but only 15-16 families are Persian.

You said these families are discriminated. Is that right?

Yes, because they do not know the language.

Someone reported about my carriers and activities from abroad like Germany and Netherland to Islamic Republic

Has an organization done something for this? Or have you ever called somewhere in independent Kurdistan for discrimination obviating?

We are negotiating with human right organization and the local government. The government said you are U.N dependent but the U.N says you are not dependent to us till you be interviewed and you are “refugee seeker” not a refugee. We are in badly dichotomy mood.

The ones who got a party, they are distinct and have monthly salary and supported. We want just your moral support.

In our new year, poor guys came to our home. They heard me and my daughter’s voice. I go out to pay them some money but found that they are Persian and beggars. I would rather die to not see a Persian go for begging.  I don’t want to say anything else about it.

Respectfully; I say that some like Mina Ahadi and Shirin Ebadi are just ordering from long distance and do not know about our situation. You have to come here and see these. A Persian goes to a Kurds house for begging to buy some clothes for his/her child. Ms. Ebadi! Is this your social justices and human rights?! These are pains that I see here but I could not do anything and be tortured.

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