The green card lottery results were void

“Green Card, a burnt card”

6 Jul 2011

6th July 2011

Ardavan Roozbeh / Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far

Advisory Group X, with you in the lottery, lottery registration for American Green Card ended, with fifty dollars in America, build up your future …

This is one of the many of sites and companies that these days have an increasing number in Persian. Companies that have felt the need and know that even if, going to the United States holding a green card can remain a dream, but possible with the policies of the U.S. Department of State allowing foreigners to stay in the United States. Each year, the  U.S. Department of State organizes a lottery for foreigners to obtain the Green Card based on a quota for different people who participate in this lottery. People whose name is drawn out can by fulfilling the conditions arrive to the United States and live there.

for those who participated for the 2012 lottery that was held from October 5thto November third 2010, was not a good period

For many, it seems more like a dream, but it is true. Are not few people who have arrived to the land of opportunity and became residents.

This is why that every year, the number of those who participate in this lottery increases.

But for those who participated for the 2012 lottery that was held from October 5th to November third 2010, was not a good period. The  U.S. Department of State wrote to the participants telling them that because of an error that occurred in the computers of US Government, and therefore the lack of certainty that the lottery has been perfectly and truthfully done, it has been totally cancelled.

The American authorities announced that a new lottery using the data from the previous period will be organized and its results will be pronounced after July 15th 2011. All those whose documents have been received perfectly before will be included in the new lottery.

This events did not go without protest. Amongst protesting people, a group have created a website to  protest the conditions and also plans to find other people whose conditions have changed in relation to the new lottery. These people plan to gather and talk about their issues.

“Babak Nouri” is one of those people who has played a role in establishing this site to bring together those who objected to this lottery. He and his companions have launched a website in protest and those who want to be heard can become members. He explains the reason and the purpose of this website himself here as follows:

Mr. Nouri! You are one of those who has launched the website to register people who participated in 2012 American Green Card Lottery and somehow got involved in a kind of event that apparently is different from other years. At first, please tell us what happened in this green card lottery?

The Green Card lottery results were supposed to be announced on May first and then after a very short  time, the results were void because of an error in the algorithm used by the computers that make the selections. They are supposed to do that again, but the problem is that in the meanwhile some people really thought that they have been selected because the results were announced.

According to the laws of the United States, does the Department of space have the permission to void the results? Or is it the first time that such thing has happened?

In fact, if these conditions do not comply with laws, they should have done it. I mean that they could not do it wrong, not according to the rules. But the issue raised here is that it seems that the reason for voiding the results is inappropriate according to the law. This what bothers people who have been participating.

Why this issue can bring some people to react? What are you looking for by launching this website? By making people gather and register themselves and react to this event, what effect do you expect? What difference do you think this will make?

When you think that your right has been trampled on or you are losing a good situation, the least you can do is to do something and protest and try to make yourself heard by the responsible authorities. The first goal of this group is undoubtedly the same thing. If all of them come together, their voice will sound louder to announce their protest to the officials and hope that their issue to be considered and if someone’s rights are violated, it should be stopped.

How many Iranians do you think have participated in this program? And the website you have launched (Green Card Result) is only for Iranians?

No, in this site, besides a few countries that are exceptional, people have participated from all the world  and Iranians like all the rest can participate and I do not have the exact statistics here but I know that a small part of the participants are Iranians.

Please give us more information about the site you have created.  How many people have already registered so far and how it has been supported?

In fact, because this is a group work, with very limited facilities, we managed within a short period of  five days, register some fourteen thousand people on the site. I think it is a considerable number in such a short time.

We have tried to do some activities. We have contacted the media and tried to write letters to some governmental sectors and with the Department of space itself. We have contacted some lawyers to consult with them to see what movement in different levels, in media level, writing to the government officials and even perhaps in an advanced stages, having a lawyer for doing something if possible.

Have you been participating in this lottery yourself?

No I am just helping these people. I am not a participant.

Do not Forget: to be informed about the results of the new entries , you can use the same tracing numbers as for your previous lottery. Results of the new lottery will be announced after July 15th2011.

Also, if you are one of those heartbroken victim of this event, you can go to this site:


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