A reflexion on Mohamadreza Madhi's case

“What really will happen to him?”

28 Jun 2011

28th june 2011

Ardavan Roozbeh / Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far

He used to write on ”Boycott” website from time to time. His last post is still there, “Begging letter of Ahmadinejad”. If the information on the site is exact, it has been posted on the Twenty-Sixth of January two thousand and eleven. Madhi was not a very capable writer. And he was not used to tell the truth. His data was burned. It was clear from the beginning that he does not enter the the red line of the system, I mean the leadership. He tried to create an organization, “The Fellowship Movement” with a few people close to him …

But what really did happen when the ”Fars News Agency” announced on Wednesday, June eighth, 2011 that a controversy documentary is going to be broadcast on channel one? All of a sudden every body realized that ”Sardar”(Madhi) is not trustful?!

Why every body was reminded of all the ”we already knew” after the documentary ”Diamond of  Deception” ? The interesting point is that many of us, as journalists, have had interviews with Madhi and undoubtedly it was related to his suggestions of an interview with him. But the question is whether should we deny today the fact that we have had interviews with him because of our own job of journalist?

Yes, I, “Ardavan Roozbeh” had many interviews with “MohammadReza Madhi Nokand” over a year. And I think he was a military expert. I think that of what he provided as evidence, you could not doubt the authenticity. On the other hand, it is said that his evidences and statements have only been a cover. But if the project has only been a cover, the rulers have paid a very heavy bill for a simple project, so one might consider that the reason seems to be in doubt.

So, considering his statements, his perspicuity to discover documents and evidences, sentences and positions that have been given to him that even the Islamic Republic does not deny, no journalist has done anything wrong. The vocabulary might have been different. Mr. Nourizadeh’s vocabulary might have been different from mine or others, but ultimately, they have not been served any other purpose than informing.

If we go back to the movie, perhaps the only serious part of ”Diamond of Deception” is when “Amir Hossein Jahanshahi,” and “Mehrdad Khavansari” are seen next to Mr. Madhi. This is the only winner ticket found in this movie because the rest of the movie had been released publicly earlier by commercial media.


If we go back to the movie, perhaps the only serious part of ”Diamond of Deception” is when “Amir Hossein Jahanshahi,” and “Mehrdad Khavansari” are seen next to Mr. Madhi. This is the only winner ticket found in this movie because the rest of the movie hadbeen released publicly earlier by commercial media.

Now, different letters, writings and statements about this person are released. And every body is   trying to say that they already knew that Mr. Madhi was a spy. But seriously, ”Seyed Reza Hosseini” and ”Mohammad Reza Madhi” were to penetrate the oppositionfor espionage? And have they been successful?

It seems that the opposition abroad, regardless of the film’s dimensions – I emphasize, the film’s dimension, not the dimension of the presence of Mr. Madhi – have dealt with it the same way as with a crisis.
It is said in the media, and it is mentioned here and there also, Mr. Madhi has also repeatedly pointed  out the pressure that was on his family in Iran. He had ties that he wanted to use. Many times, Mr. Madhi clearly pointed out documents that would undoubtedly provide a much heavier cost to the regime than penetrate the opposition abroad. This information could be part of a project of such a bypass is operational? Does a professional intelligence services officer make such a mistake?

Mr. Madhi, lately did not hesitate to comment on the Iranian leader. Perhaps previously he hoped to return, or maybe thought that without crossing the red line, he could have a good relation with the body of the Revolutionary Corps, those who were protesting but found the “leader” innocent, so finally in fact, Madhi had to change his approach.

However, ”Fars” news agancy called him, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry agent, ”Keyhan” Newspaper talked about a “captured counter-revolutionary member”, and ”IRNA” talked about the “rescue” of a person involved in a project of the government in exile. This shows clearly a lack of concordance between different groups within the regime and it seems that perhaps more thorough analysis are necessary for the ”Diamnd of Deception” project to be treated within the regime.

Might Mr. Madhi die because of chemical pollution? Might Mr. Madhi return to his key positions that had previously announced? How is it that after the unsuccessful “The Fellowship Movement”, all of a sudden the subject of the conference of Guadeloupe appears in France and unbelievable statements such as Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Mr. Madhi and Mr. Faisal of Saudi Arabia and Israel Project make surface? By the way, Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Mr. Madhi was denied by the State Department of Foreign Affairs of United States of America on Friday, June 10th.

The only interesting point that can be found in this film and its relation with Madhi is the subject of somehow connecting the freedom seeking movement of people after the contested elections of 2009 to the foreign forces. Because the only ”preferred date of consumption” of this movie is on the eve of the second anniversary of people protest movement. And finally, should we also be concerned about Madhi’s health. But it is too early to judge.

I talked about this subject With “Ahmad Batebi”, political activist in United States and wanted to hear his point of view about this:

What is your view regarding the status of Mr. Madhi?
First, we have to look who he is, where he comes from and how he headed to Iran. There are three sources of information regarding his past. The first source is the “State Television” who has interviewed him a few times and the videos can be found on utube. They have presented him as a hero of war and a person who had sacrificed his life to the nation and people.

The second source is ”state dependent media” who have published parts of his responsibilities in the Judiciary system and reports and acts confirming that Mr. Madhi had responsibilities in the ruling power.

The third source is ”unofficial and individual” which involves people who have talked about him on the internet positively or negatively. For example, ”Amir Farshad Ebrahimi” has said that he Mr. Madhi was a Diamond dealer and has been in one of Asian countries. And Mr. Ebrahimi does not mention his sources and how reliable they are. So we cannot say if these informations are correct or not.

But it is obvious that Mr Madhi has passed through the system and then joined the opposition and in my opinion he has not been an intelligence agent as it has been mentioned in the documentary. But for some reasons he had to go back to Iran and if you want I can talk about it.

If, according to you, he had to go back to Iran, what have been the reasons for which he had to appear on Television?

If you look at the late regime and this regime’s intelligence service or even any other countries’ intelligence services, if they want to penetrate a system, they choose an unknown person and make him penetrate the opposition with two goals. Either for retrieving information or for destruction purposes. The spy can enter a system and even climb up to the top leading of that system and deviate the whole movement. Now, look at this video and try to understand how much the role of Mr Madhi matches these conditions. First of all, he has not penetrated in a very complicated organization, he has only attended a few meetings and contacted a few people. These contacts have not been complicated at all and cannot even be defined as an organized system. And the information he publishes from these organizations are not secret and all his contacts have been previously publishing all these informations. Therefore, his role has not been that of an influencer agent.

Fundamentally, the question is whether he has been an intelligence service agent of the Islamic Republic or not. I believe that he is not.

All those who are familiar with the Islamic Republic’s State Intelligence Department or at least know their standards, confirm that they want to penetrate a movement like the opposition movement, they would have made a better choice in accordance with rational standards which is closer to a real operational intelligence service work. But Mr. Madhi does not have these qualifications. The only thing that drew the opposition attention to him was the informations he published which were not anything really secret or complicated. Many other people could have had those information as well. But Mr. Madhi somehow confirmed them, except some documents and images that he published.

But information that he had released is the kind of information that an intelligence service would have never let him released if he was an influential inside man. If you have a look into his former archives, you will see that a part of the documents he has published, it is about the security issues and the high  ranked people within the government and the leadership. About the leader’s son, “Mr. Mesbah”  had talked and about Mr. “Mortazavi”, some documents has been published. But, logic does not allow you to accept that the State Department of Information have provided these information for him to be published because the divulgement of these documents is more important than the influence of this man in the opposition.

He has lately mentioned subjects that are considered to be a crime from the government’s point of view. For example, in his last interview with you, he mentioned that the opposition movement needs military forces.

This man claimed to have created a movement named ”The Fellowship Movement”. Except in a website with the same title and his personal website, there is not any other information about him or a group that he claims to be patriotic forces inside the system. He never talked about these people by the way nor showed any action.

If you look into the ”The Fellowship Movement” website, except four announcements he refer to you do not find anything else. This was one of the reasons that attributed to the fact that the opposition became cynical about him after a while. The opposition believed in his abilities and when they saw his allegation was not proved and the abilities he claimed are not true, they put him aside. We have even recently heard that  he did not have a good financial situation and even under pressure by his family. But the ambiguity remains the fact how he managed to return to Iran?

According to the experience of the security institutions in Iran, there should be two situations in Iran.   Either a situation such as for Mr. “Shahram Amiri” who came back to Iran with promises of a good  normal life, or like what happened to ”Mr. Rigui” who was arrested in a neighbouring country, and brought back to Iran with some agreements. It does not matter what happens, the result of this is going to be what happened to Shahram Amiri and Rigui.

You can see on this film, the conflictual statement between being an agent of influence of the State Department of Information and what he claims to be. He said that he was living outside of Iran and Americans contacted him and he agreed and ordered by the State Department of Information and their plans he could penetrate the opposition. In another parts of his statements, he claims to have been in contact with the intelligence services of other countries that does not sound logical and those who know at least a little bit about the political, social and economical situation here in United States understand that they do not work at all on such projects with these kind of mechanism under no circumstances. I believe that this is only a scenario of the Iranian Intelligences Services.

What could be the result of this defences?

In my opinion neither Mr. Nurizadeh nor any other people who have counted on his sayings made a mistake. These people have done what anybody would have done in the same circumstances and would have tried to use such person. He said and confirmed things that some information about them have been released before. He was only confirming. If you use his information, you should give him a chance as well. I believe that the opposition did not commit much mistakes with him, they used him as they should and did not give him much. What isolated him from the opposition was himself. He claimed things about his abilities that were not true and then he did not offer anything neither.

The news about the fact that some people attended the meeting, was published before and was not a secret at all. The only way to name what you see on this video is ” An eye witnessed account of events that happens outside Iran”. Otherwise, nobody has been hurt nor nothing changed. The opposition used him and this person for some reasons went back to Iran.


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