Daily Report – celebrating Haleh Sahabi in Washington D.C.

“Haleh will always be in our hearts”

10 Jun 2011

09th June 2011

Ardavan Roozbeh / Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far

On Monday May the thirtieth, “Eztaollah Sahabi” leader of the National Coalition of Nationalist -Religious died after being in coma. The next day, at his funeral, in front of his house, “Halleh Sahabi”, his daughter was insulted and beaten by a so-called security group. An attack which led to a stroke and caused her death at “Lavasan” hospital.

Haleh Sahabi died just a day after her father’s death. The way how it was dealt with her burial and  threats to her family after her burial, brought many consternations. Even the memorial ceremony for the father Mr. Sahabi and Halleh in the mosque, “Hojjat Ibn Al-Hassan” located in “Sohrevardi” street in Tehran was associated with a wave of arrests of citizens.

By sympathy with the Sahabi Family and the families of political activists inside Iran, on Wednesday evening first of June, at “DuPont” Square in Washington D.C., almost a hundred of Iranians, political and civil rights activists lit candles and silently expressed their sympathy with Sahabi Family and other political and civil activists in Iran.

In this event we could see many non-Iranians as well whose short message of condolence was read by the event organizers and then the candles were lit for this Iranian civil activist, Haleh Sahabi who was previously arrested and detained.

A number of participants who were more familiar with her were talking with the non-Iranians who wanted to know more about this political activist who died recently.

One of the attendees explained the objective of the ceremony:
“As usual, it has been two-year now that in the morning when we wake up, look into ” Facebook ” and “Balatarin”. And we saw that Ms. Haleh Sahabi was killed in her father’s funeral. We do not have clear news from Iran yet. I was classmate at the university with her son, “Yahya” and her daughter in law  “Zeinab”, and this news is very hard to accept. And I take this opportunity to send my condolences to Yahya and Zeinab.

I do not know whether these kind of horrors have always been happening and we did not know about them or this situation is new and suggests that the situation has worsen and it shows its lack of reformability.”

Also, passing people in this busy square wanted to know more about Iran and its threads. Robert who after gathering information about the gathering felt very sorry, said:

“I feel very sorry to see that a human being, a democratic and freedom seeker activist has been in a bad situation and under so much pressure that caused her death. The entire world should be informed of the situation of protesting Iranians. Perhaps many of us do not know accurately what is going on in Iran. A diligent person who fought for justice is dead in Iran and this can be a great sadness for everyone around the world. ”
Moreover, ”Negar”, one of the organizers of this event told Radio Koocheh:

”Perhaps this ceremony was held because of being away from Iran and events in Iran, and allowed us to show our sympathy to the Sahabi family and Iranians and say that we are with them in this mourning. We hold this event tonight because every one likes to be together now and to support each other after this horror that happened only hours ago.”

”Even with the short notice, lots of people gathered and this is delightful.”

AR- You have held this ceremony in a central spot in the city of Washington D.C., with flowers and candles  Part of the people who come here are not Iranian. Is anyone willing to know about Iran and hear about this event?

As you have seen, many Americans stop, look and listen, they are curious and talk with the Iranians. I was busy with the logistics, but I saw that my friends talked to them and with no doubt, they were curious why we have these pictures and candles and maybe it is hard to explain to them that this is happening on a daily basis in our country and we wake up every morning with a bad news.

AR- What is your personal opinion and feeling about what happened to Ms. Sahabi?
This was very shocking. I had seen her many times and when I think about her, I see her smile. I cannot imagine the extent of the cruelty and injustice Sahabi family has been through. This is very difficult for me.



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