The pressure on political prisoners continue

”Jamming devices in the Rajaii Shahr prison”

24 Apr 2011

24th April 2011

Ardavan Roozbeh / Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far

It is almost three months that violent behavior and lack of providing health care to prisoners in Rajaii Shahr, Karaj, have increased. Transfer of some prisoners to the section that has nor facilities, neither telephone, more violence and insulting the prisoners are examples of such behavior.

News from Rajaii Shahr Prison are about the reduced number of allowed visits, search of prisoners personal belongings and insulting the prisoners. Also some prison guards have threatened the prisoners to death. The hall number 12 of the section 4 of this prison is the political prisoners section. Recently, some of the political prisoners go on hunger strike and it is heard that they are going to go on hunger strike again in case their situation is not improved.

This hall has already been searched by the prison guards a few times over the past few days. ”Khalid Hardani”, one of the prisoners in this hall, has been directly threatened. Even recently in this prison officials have tried to install jamming devices in case of the possibility of cell phone data transfer out of the prison.

“Ardeshir Zarezadeh” , the spokesman of the ”Student Committee of Defense of Political Prisoners” SCDPP, especially about the new kind of pressure on political prisoners and the prisoners hunger strike in the prison, in an interview with Ardavan Roozbeh, reports for the audience of Radio Koocheh:

Many civil rights activists have been concerned these days about the published news of the prison Rajaii Shahr, Karaj ”. Creating new sections and contiguous pressure on prisoners here and there. When have these kind of hard and terrible conditions been created it this prison or better said exile prison?

As you correctly stated, the exile prison of Rajaii Shahr, and to quote some prisoners and their families, Rajaii Shahr slaughterhouse. Because Rajaii Shahr prison, in the classification of prisons, belongs to those where crimes such as premeditated crimes, murder and intentional evil happen, but the judicial and security officials intentionally exile political prisoners to this prison to increase pressure and abuse and make them even more suffer compared to places like Evin. Since January 21, they have started a new wave of pressure on political prisoners in Rajaii Shahr prison, and the judicial and security officials have decided to create a new special section in Rajaii Shahr prison and since the very beginning of January, they have transferred more than seventy cases of political prisoners approximately to this section and cut telephones, visits and all communications with outside. They control everything.

Even within the special section with all the security controls, they have put jamming devices to prevent the use of cell phones just in case the prisoners arrived to use a somehow smuggled mobile phone.

Even within the special section with all the security controls, they have put jamming devices to prevent the use of cell phones just in case the prisoners arrived to use a somehow smuggled mobile phone. However, visits also take place, once a week or every two weeks, and still, not for all political prisoners, but for a limited number of them, and are highly controlled. For every two or three prisoners, there is an officer. Also, they impose to the families of prisoners what kind of conversations they should have with the prisoners. This is usually the kind of controls imposed to those who are still in detention and under investigation, not for those who have been already sentenced and are serving after being convicted.

Given the fact that the ”Student Committee of Defense of Political Prisoners” has close relations with the prisoners in Rajaii Shahr in Karaj, are you able to give us additional details regarding the protesting prisoners? What other reactions have the prisoners had on top of the hunger strike?

Yesterday, the Tehran prosecutor in response to one of the journalists in one of the prosecution offices in Tehran during a ceremony regarding the hunger strike said that as far as he knew, there  was no hunger strike because their judges, representatives and agents visit the Prison every day. Indeed, his answer has confirmed indirectly and non specifically this fact. When he said that he did not think so, actually shows that the Tehran prosecutor did not know how to face this question and involve himself. News from prison shows that the hunger strike has started, but we have been very cautious in announcing it. After a full investigation, we made sure that there is a hunger strike. This  symbolic hunger strike takes place every Sundays and more than ten political prisoners are participating. If the political prisoners demands are not respected, until May 22, I think once a week, the hunger strike will continue.

Also, political prisoners have published a letter and stipulated that on the international labour day, the Teachers day and the World Press Day, on Saturday May first, Monday May second and Tuesday May third, to show solidarity with the workers, teachers and journalists, and to protest the pressures on these people, they go on a hunger strike. Then in the next few weeks, on Sundays, and from May 22 on, hunger strike will continue. Political prisoners protest their own issues such as  health problems, lack of hot water, bathrooms and hygiene and lack of medical assistance to them and even refusal of the medications that their families bring for them.

Mr. “Mehdi Mahmoudian” is seriously sick now. Mr. ”Khaled Hardany” is also very sick and still despite his sickness he participates in the hunger strike. As well, several other political prisoners, “Mansour Osanloo”, “Rassoul Boudaghi”, “Majid Tavakoli”, “Issa Saharkhiz”, “Keyvan Samimi, ” “Heshmatollah Tabarzadi”, “Mehdi Mahmoudian”, “Khaled Hardani” and some others want to go on a hunger strike. Also because of their own issue, these political prisoners believe that their convictions are unfair.

Recently, we have heard that some of political activists jailed in Rajaii Shahr prison, have been even threatened to death. Do you confirm the news?

On Monday, April 18th 2011, Rajaii Shahr prison’s officials and the security guards led by “Faraji”,  attacked all rooms of the section 4 of the prison where all the Political Prisoners are held and filmed everyone and when they faced the prisoners resistance, they harassed and assaulted them including Mr. Khalid Hardani who, due to his humanitarian and human rights activities, helping others, informing others and also the interviews outside the prison, has been threatened and beaten again.

Mr Faraji, himself has told Mr. Khalid Hardani that it has been their own fault that they have allowed him to be alive and if he continues his political activities inside the prison, he will have the same fate as other political prisoners who died or were executed. You certainly know that many political prisoners have lost their lives in the past and these threats of death probably are not independent and irrelevant with these issues. Because political prisoners death has become a pretext for threatening other political prisoners and tell them that the same fate will be awaited for them.

For example, Mr. ”Hassan Nahid “, political prisoner, lost his life in the hospital two weeks ago. He was in “Evin” Prison. He had a cancer and during the past six years, he tried hard to be transferred to a hospital outside the prison, but he was not allowed and when he was terminal, they took him to a hospital and it was too late and he lost his life.

Or some time ago Mr. ” Mohsen Dogmehchi ” was in this Rajaii Shahr prison and very suspiciously, like Mr. ”Hassan Nahid” that I mentioned, died. Mr. ” Mohsen Dogmehchi “, had several diseases and the prison authorities in order to harass him, refused medical assistance and even refused to allow him to be transferred to the hospital. Or Mr. ”Amir Saran”, a few years ago similarly suspiciously died in Rajaii Shahr prison, also other political prisoners such as ”Akbar Mohammadi”, ” Alborz Ghasemi “, “Omid Mirsepahi ” who lost their lives in different prisons. Recently,  Mr. ”Farzad Madadzadeh” Shabnam Madadzadeh’s brother who is currently detained in this special section of the Rajaii Shahr prison.  ”Shabnam Madadzadeh” is currently in Rajaii Shahr prison for women in a very difficult situation and has been denied phone calls and even visits.  ”Farzad Madadzadeh” has been taken to the  jail security section and threatened and insulted and told him that he has a contact outside of prison and they are aware of this and that he has to explain what kind of connection it is and stop doing what ever he does.

They interrogated him for several hours and persecuted him. The latest news that has not been published yet, but we will release on behalf of the political prisoners today, is the statement of Mr. Khalid Hardani from the Rajaii Shahr prison. He has announced that the political prisoners go on a hunger strike with the message “No to the dictatorship” and this is while he is suffering from stomach bleeding. Prior to this, in the past years, he has been on hunger strike and suffered stomach ulcers and other problems.

But to protest the repression of the people of Ahwaz, the arrest of political and social activists, the  attack of the security guards and judicial officials on other political prisoners, he will be participating to the hunger strike with  “Big No to the Dictator”.



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