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3 Feb 2011

Ardavan Roozbeh

Ardavan Roozbeh (born 1969, Bojnoord, Iran) is a journalist, photojournalist, researcher in social damages, weblog writer, and radio producer. He has been the editor-in-chief and license-owner of a number of Persian publications, and the establisher of the Persian magazine _Monorail_ in Malaysia. He has studied Journalism and multimedia and has done professional courses of photography.


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In addition to having studied journalism, Roozbeh has done courses in media management, multimedia, news, online news websites, media photography, interviewing, correspondent citizen, and radio producing in England, Holland, Denmark, and Iran. He mentions Mehdi Jumi, Masoomeh Torfeh, Behrooz Tourani, Behrooz Afagh, Masoud Behnood and Bagher Moein as his mentors.



In his early youth, he did the basic courses at The Iranian Youth Cinema Association and The Children and Youth Mind Nurturing Club in Ghoochan, Mashad, and Tehran. However, he never stopped learning in these areas during his career. Roozbeh ahs started photography since 1985, while he was at university and on the battlefields during the Iran_Iraq war. In 1988, he officially began his career in the Ghods in social reportage while at the time he reported on people, return of Iranian captives from Iraq, and civic issues. During his time there he came up with photos of social issues and held two photo exhibitions called, Sayeh Sar Tasvir, or, Image Shade, and, Behind Retina, which the latter was criticized by some officials. Behind Retina had a look at the living condition of the paupers who were kept in an area called, municipal bathroom.

In 1991, he was obliged to leave this paper due to his holding these exhibitions and other professional issues. In the same year, Roozbeh, Mohammad Sadegh Javadi Hesar and Nasser Amoli were the team that published the Tous, which was banned later. Then he joined the Khorasan, one of the oldest newspapers of Iran, in 1992 while he was the editor-in-chief of Khavaran weekly newspaper. He covered civic reports in social service of Khorasan newspaper and soon after he became the editor of Youth Service of this paper.

Roozbeh was officially made the free journalist and social photographer by the ministry of culture of Iran. He left the Khorasan at the time and was allocated to work with different publications in social and Afghan issues.

In 1997, he became the license owner of the Khavaran, which was formed in the early days of the reformist government by a group of young writers, such as Farhad Jafari, Mohammad Ramezani Farkhani, Amir Shahla, Reza Khojasteh, Shahriar Vaghfipour and some other journalists. This publication, however, did not last long either due to the complaints made by the press control board in 1998. The paper was banned and its case was sent to the state public prosecutor’s office, following that to Mashad 12th branch of court of justice.

Then after he published a monthly magazine which dealt with social problems along with some other journalists, such as Arash Vazifedan, Mohammad Shahri, Mohammad Ghaderia and other sociologists. The magazine caught a lot of experts’ attention, the secretary of advertizing and the press of the ministry of culture during Khatami’s presidency gave permission for its purchase in all the libraries of Iran. In the second year, then again, its license was cancelled and despite perpetual follow-ups they have not allowed to publish it yet.

He has also taught media Journalism and principles of Journalism for a period of time. Roozbeh was a member of the Khorasan and Press house board of directors and supervisor, while being the elected member of Khorasan association of photographers. Moreover, he was a member of the association of policy makers of the first International Exhibition of Information Technology (ELECIT). Among his other activities, paragliding and management of a cultural and advertizing institute should also be mentioned. The result of his activities is reports, writings and photos of over 15 countries, such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, European Union, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Middle East.

Afghanistan zone

He worked in one of the world’s hotspot, Afghanistan, during the Cherokee war of Afghan fighters and after their victory in Hasht Soor, he travelled there a lot. In 1997, during the fall of the central government under Borhanedin Rabbani’s presidency in Kabol, he was in Northern Afghanistan, such as Balkh, Mazarsharif, and Kandooz. He was also in the center of Afghanistan during the last days of Bamian fall to make a documentary. In this town, two statues oh Buddha were demolished by Taliban. Thereafter, he did travel to Afghanistan again. He reported on the Taliban’s fall at the time and during NATO and US attack, took photos of the people in the camps which were exhibited in an exhibition called, we nothing_Afghanistan nothing. He has secured exclusive interviews with army commanders, politicians and congressmen of the country. These trips were published in different magazines and websites. He is working on a book containing the memories and events in Afghanistan during two decades from his points of view. His doctoral thesis title is “impacts of media in governments’ reforms”, which deals with Afghanistan as the sample society and the effects of media in the last forty years.

Radio Zamaneh

Ardavan Roozbeh joined radio Zamaneh in 2006 asked by its manager, Mehdi Jami. Zamaneh based in Amsterdam is a multifaceted radio station, which commenced its activity on the 100th anniversary of the constitution. He has been working with the producers’ team since then.




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